Are Scientists good Artists? The Art of Evolution and Art and Craft as Alchemy

In Art Work on February 24, 2011 at 8:30 pm

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A conversation last night with my close friend – apparently I am a scientist cause I have the ability to turn very complex information into a simple formula.

I have been an artist for as far as I can remember. I never saw myself as a scientist, but I did see myself as an alchemist painting sets for the movie industry. What really got me motivated was the ability to understand materials and what they could do when I mixed them together in a very specific environment. Then when I got a bit disheartened with the way the traditional move industry was going, as it was reaching maturity, I turned to Real Estate and tested my ability to expand my portfolio. There is a lot of complex information and many gurus out there. I managed to decipher information from promotion, and to use the power of equity, and adopt a buy and hold approach. It worked. The concept of turning very abstract ideas into something concrete can be applied anywhere.
When you think about it, Science is a very intuitive thing. Famous scientists are well-known for having ha ha moments during their sleep.

Then what gets us stuck?
What stops up from evolving is the inability to have fun, or to have positive feedback while we are on a long-term goal.  Nothing is easy, at least not for very long, and everything takes time. We don’t evolve in isolation. My biggest accomplishments were done by exchanging info with other people, or working with other people. It’s about sharing a vision with other people. I find great stimulation when I am learning from others and others are learning from me. It can be totally unrelated too. Right now, banging on a djembe drum helps me a lot to keep the big picture.

My science-fiction writer friend says it takes an artist to be a good scientist. In this light, it’s easier to understand myself. It also explains why I’ve met musicians who were also scientists. That’s what creating is all about. You take materials and turn it into a simple formula – and that becomes a new object. This is what evolution is about. We all need fresh elements in our life. We all need to feel like we are getting ahead. We all need something new to look at, to explore. And we’re in it together, like a tribe, or a group of tribes.

Social media bring a new face to the concept of evolution and tribes. Those who can manipulate media such as Facebook or blogs very well are artists in their own way, simplifying a very complex set of tools into something simple so they can create something new to explore every day.

Martine Bilodeau at


Winter Trees



  1. Wonderful way to put it, Martine!
    From a pen or a keyboard comes a story, from a brush a painting.
    The tool is essential (as discovered and made by scientist/observers) for the artistic enterprise to unfold.
    So why isn’t writing software code for creating an instrument for people to communicate and create, a form of art? A picture or a story or any of the arts becomes the cultural medium through which we see/create other stories. Our communicating through these create a new language other ‘scientists’ can use to write more code…

  2. I was going to say almost the same thing Martine, “Well put”.

    Leland – who says writing software code isn’t a form of art? Depending on the source, intention or simply using code as one’s medium, I think for some it is a form of art.

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